Newsletter Number 20

March 2015

Greetings to all members and supporters of the Caledonian Society of Otago The 2014-15 Summer has proved a busy one for the Caledonian Society and this trend seems set to continue in the Months ahead.

Directors Christmas Function Was held once again at Robbies Bar and Bistro King Edward Street on Sunday Evening December 14th. The Hotel provided us with a lovely buffet meal and everyone enjoyed an Evening of good company and entertainment. It was good to have Life Director and former Patron Lin Rayner with us for the Evening and finding him in such good form. Lin now a resident of Yvette Williams Retirement Village celebrated his 90th Birthday in October 2014.Thanks to Wayne Allen who oversaw all the organisational details for the Christmas Function.

TaieriA&P2015aA and P Shows The Society has continued presenting displays of traditional Scottish Events at the Summer A and P Shows operating in the Otago area. These Shows provide opportunities to promote the Caledonian Society among local communities and encourage participation in a variety of disciplines ranging from Caber and Sheave Tossing to Carrying the Stones and the Dead Weight competition. The South Otago Show held at Milton on November 28th proved particularly successful with an ideal set up position and excellent numbers of participants. On January 24 the Society was on hand at the Taieri A and P Show promoted as the inaugural Otago Scottish Events Championship. Trophies were presented to contestants who accumulated most points over the four events both Male and Female. Certificates were also presented to the first three competitors in each event IE Caber Toss Tossing the Sheave Farmers Walk and Carrying the Stones.

Queenstown Rural Festival On Saturday February 7tth Caledonian Society Directors and Partners were in Queenstown assisting with the New Zealand Heavy Weight Championship held during the staging of the inaugural Queenstown Rural Festival.. Those who attended thoroughly enjoyed the experience of working alongside the Hororata Highland Games Committee and gaining first hand knowledge of the strength and skill demonstrated by top competitors from New Zealand and Australia. Special thanks to Ian McDonald and Dave Crewe for their combined work in organising our accommodation and transporting all the necessary equipment to Queenstown. The Caledonian Society Trailer purchased last year has proven to be a great asset over the Summer Months. In light of the contacts established at Queenstown the Caledonian Society has received a verbal invitation to attend the Hororata Highland Games to be held in November 2015.

New Caledonian Society Website The Caledonian Society has recently installed a new website Visitors to the site will find full background details and contact details as well as updates on recent events involving the Caledonian Society along with photographs. The site has been organised by Ian McDonald and the Society Directors are appreciative of his efforts to get this up and running Ian is happy to receive contributions for the website at email

Update on the Stone Chair On Friday June 26th a Morning Tea Ceremony will be held at the Toitu Otago Settlers Museum to mark the official handover of the Caledonian Society Stone Chair to the Settlers Museum. The date will be 114 years to the day when the Stone Chair was first seen on public display in 1901 to commemorate the visit to Dunedin of Prince George and Princess May Duke and Duchess of Cornwall and York later King GeorgeV and Queen Mary. The Chair is now positioned outside the entrance to the Education Room at the Toitu Otago Settlers Museum. A Summary of the Stone Chair History along with a Photograph of the Caledonian Society Directors taken in May 2014 can be viewed alongside.

Mid Year Event Function The Annual Mid Year Event Function will be held in either late June or early July with the confirmed date to be set at the end of this Month. Entertainment will be provided throughout the day along with a Guest Speaker. Further details will be provided as soon as they become available.

Event Sponsorships The Caledonian Society continues to support a number of organised events in the Otago Community both Sporting and Cultural. Last November the Society Sponsored the Heavy Weights Competition at the South Island Masters Track and Field Championships held at the Caledonian Ground. On January 25th the Caledonian Society Sponsored the Secondary Schools Section of the Robbie Rocks competition held during the Annual Burns Club Dinner at the Toitu Otago Early Settlers Museum. Caledonian Society Life Director Jack McLeod was on hand to present the winners prize.

LAUGHTER- The Best Medicine

A Woman on a Train describing her holiday to a man in the next seat mentioned that she had visited San Jose. “You pronounce that wrongly” said the man. “It’s San Ho-Say. In California all the J’s are pronounced as H’s”. Dismissing the point he asked “When were you there?” The Woman thought a moment then answered “In Hune and Huly”.

We’ll have to fight like hell Men” said the C.O. in Korea “We’re outnumbered four to one”A Hillbilly Soldier who had listened carefully was among the first to get into the fight. Later however the Commanding Officer found him lolling comfortably against a tree Up front the rifles cracked and the men were still battling furiously. “What’s the idea Terwilliger?” barked the Officer “Why aren’t you fighting?” “Ah got mah four” replied Terwilliger.

Willie Johnson a beaten down little man was arraigned in a Texas Court on a felony charge. The Clerk solemnly intoned “The State of Texas versus Willie Johnson!” Before he could read further Willie interrupted and solemnly declared “Lawd! What a majority!”

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