Greetings to all Caledonian Society Members It seems hard to believe that five Months have elapsed since the publication of our last Newsletter in March. It is now time to update our members on all that the Caledonian Society has been involved in during the past five months.

Passing of Lin Rayner QSM 27.7.2016

It was with considerable sadness that the Caledonian Society learned of the death of our former Life Director and Patron Lin Rayner on Wednesday July 27th at Yvette Williams Retirement Village. Lin joined the Caledonian Society at the time of the Second World War and at various times filled the Offices of President, Vice President. Secretary and Treasurer With his background in Athletics Administration Lin was a key organiser in many of the major Athletics Meetings and Highland Games organised by the Caledonian Society during the 1960s 70s and 80s. A special occasion for him was the 100th Centennial Sports Meeting held at the Caledonian Ground on February 2nd 1963 highlighted by the appearance of Commonwealth Games Steeplechase Gold Medallist Trevor Vincent and World Ranking Australian Distance Athlete Ron Clarke. In recent years Lin still maintained a keen interest in the affairs of the Caledonian Society and loved to hear and to read reports on anything the Society was involved in.

Lin will be sorely missed by the Caledonian Society for his great sense of humour and generous nature always being willing to provide assistance with any thing he felt would be to the Society’s long term benefit. The Caledonian Society expresses their sincere sympathy to Lin’s Family.

Kieran Columb with Lyn Rainor

Kieran Columb with Lyn Rainor

Mid Year Function

The annual Caledonian Society Mid Year Function was held on Sunday July 10th at the Mosgiel Station Function Centre Gladstone Road Mosgiel Forty four people enjoyed a lovely Carvery meal ideally suited to a Mid Winter Celebration.

Excellent entertainment was provided by Singer Mary Maynard accompanied by Pianist Francis Brodie, Highland Dancers McKenzie and Maddy accompanied by Official Piper Ray Goodfellow and Ian Seatter who delivered a forceful and insightful address to the Haggis. Ian also recited a special Scottish Poem written by Dunedin Burns Club Member Debbie Williams. All of these items were well received by everyone.

The day was considered to be a great success and something for everyone to look forward to next year. Special thanks to Wayne Allen for co-ordinating the days programme. Thanks also to all our entertainers and our other Guests Mr. Frank Brown President of the Scottish Heritage Council who delivered the Selkirk Grace and Dr. Royden Somerville QC President of the Dunedin Burns Club.

A final vote of thanks to our Patron Ron Cain QSM who provided the major Raffle Prize of a Bottle of Grant’s Whiskey and to Bev Allen for her excellent work in selling the Raffles on the day leading to a highly successful return

Piping and Dancing Championships

The Caledonian Society again provided Sponsorship for two Piping Events at the Queens Birthday Weekend Piping and Dancing Championships organised by the Otago Centre of the Piping and Dancing Association of New Zealand Inc. Caledonian Society President Kieran Columb represented the Society at the Championships and presented the Caledonian Society Trophies to the winning Pipers. While down in numbers the Piping was of a high standard and bodes well for a bright future for Piping and Dancing in Dunedin.

New Trophy Cabinet

The new Trophy Cabinet housing the various Cups and Trophies belonging to the Caledonian Society is now established in the Athletics Otago Rooms at the Caledonian Ground Logan Park Drive. This provides the Society with a sound and secure base to keep track of these valuable possessions a number of which have significant Historical Value. Thanks to Wayne Allen and Netty Lastovicka for their work in organising this important landmark addition for the Caledonian Society.

Annual General Meeting

The 154th Annual General Meeting of the Caledonian Society of Otago will be held on ThursdayAugust25th2016 in the Guthrie Pavilion of the Bayfield Park Sports Trust Building No2 Shore Street Dunedin. All members and supporters of the Caledonian Society are encouraged to attend. It is important for the Society to experience a good turnout at the AGM with discussion needed on some important upcoming matters.

Upcoming Events

The Caledonian Society will again provide demonstrations of traditional Scottish Events at a selected number of A and P Shows in Otago over the 2016-17 Summer period These events are important both for the Society and the public at large presenting them with an opportunity to participate in activities aligned to Otago’s rich Scottish Heritage. The first of these will be the 150th South Otago A and P Show to be held in Balclutha on Saturday November 26th. The problem facing the Caledonian Society is the lack of helpers to assist with the setting up process involved with these events. Unless more people can be recruited to help out with this essential work there is a real danger of the Caledonian Society being unable to commit themselves to participation in future A and P Shows. Hopefully this situation will improve before too long Helped by Volunteering Otago the Caledonian Society recently obtained a 10 minute spot on Otago Access Radio where the problems facing the Society were able to be aired. Access Radio have also provided the opportunity for Advertising on their Community Notice board On the subject of Highland Events the Society is currently investigating purchasing a smaller Caber and possibly some smaller Highland Stones to help encourage more Women to participate . Earlier in the Year a visiting Japanese Film Crew were at the North Ground filming Highland Events including a Caber Tossing Demonstration. Thanks to our Highland Events Principals Dave Crewe and Ian McDonald for their work in setting up the Demonstration.

New Members

The Caledonian Society extends a welcome to recent new members Todd and Sheila Wall from the Clan Gunn and Dr. Royden Somerville QC President of the Dunedin Burns Club. We hope your association with the Caledonian Society will be both enjoyable and rewarding.

Laughter Is STILL The Best Medicine

Art LinkLetter interviewing a ten year old on television asked what her first act would be if she were elected President of the United States. The youngster gazed at him in stunned horror for a split second then replied “Have the Voter’s heads examined”!

Before Thanksgiving a Minnesota First Grade Teacher asked her pupils to tell her what they had to be thankful for. “I am thankful said one small boy that I am not a Turkey”!

The Sunday School Teacher was horrified when she saw the picture one of her pupils had drawn. “Why it looks like a Cowboy walking into a Saloon”! she said. “It is” said the child. “But it’s all right He’s not going to drink anything “He’s just going in to shoot a man”.

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