Stone Chair

Presentation of Stone Chair to Toitu Early Settlers Museum


On Friday June 26th 2015 a number of Caledonian Society Directors along with Society Patron Ron Cain QSM attended a ceremony at the Toitu Otago Settlers Musem to mark the official handover of the Caledonian Society Stone Chair to the Settlers Museum. The date was highly appropriate being 114 years to the day since the Stone Chair was first presented to the Dunedin Public at the old Caledonian Ground in South Dunedin to commemorate the visit to Dunedin of Prince George and Princess Mary the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall later King George V and Queen Mary.

In 1998 with the imminent relocation of the Caledonian Ground to Logan Park the Dunedin City Council suggested the Stone Chair should be displayed there on removal from its location at the South Dunedin Ground. The Caledonian Society Directors were of the opinion that a more secure location along with offering added opportunities for public viewing of the Chair would provide a more appropriate option. The Settlers Museum seemed to tick all the right boxes in this regard.

Originally located outside the Museum next to the Locomotive Stand the Stone Chair was moved inside on completion of the Museum Redevelopment in 2013. The Stone Chair was a prominent feature of the Dunedinburgh Exhibition held at the Settlers Museum for Five Months in 2014. Speaking at the handover ceremony Toitu Otago Settlers Museum Director Jennifer Evans spoke of their pleasure in acquiring ownership of the Stone Chair and thanked the Caledonian Society of Otago for placing this historical monument in their care. In reply Caledonian Society Life Director John Stinson stated the Caledonian Society were pleased the Stone Chair from now on would always have a secure home and one where people each year could view and learn of the significant History attached to this unique memento of a Royal Visit 114 yearsago.






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