Caledonian Society

The Caledonian Society was established on August 12 1862. The Caledonian Society was the first Scottish Society to be formed in New Zealand with the principal objects being the promotion of Benevolence,National Literature, Customs and Accomplishments.
The Caledonian Society instigated Night Education Classes in Dunedin establishing an institution that became the King Edward Technical College.

The advancement of Athletic Sports combined with traditional Highland Games has always been one of the foremost objects of the Caledonian Society. In the early years the Games were conducted annually on New Years Day with the first gathering held on January 1 2 and 3 1863 at the Grange estate lent by the Superintendent of the Province John Hyde Harris the first Caledonian Society President. Subsequent Games were held on the Northern Recreation reserves (The North Ground) and from 1875 at the Caledonian Ground South Dunedin.

In 2012 the Caledonian Society celebrated their 150th Centennial Year with the publication of Cabers and Ceilidhs the 150 Year History of the Caledonian Society written by John Stinson and Donald Gordon.

The affairs of the Caledonian Society are today managed by Directors sharing a common background in Athletics Administration and Sporting and Cultural Interests.

The Society would welcome new members at a modest subscription fee of $15.00. Inquiries can be made to President Kieran Columb 489-4027 email or Secretary John Stinson 455-8839 email physical accomplishments, particularly relating to Scottish traditions.

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