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03 454 3562

021 217 6883

President:         Dr Morgan Hewland


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Otago Scottish Heritage Council                                             

Courtesy of Lochcarron.                                                                                                                                                            Interactive battlefield map of the Clan wars that took place across Scotland from the 12th to the 18th Centuries.    Can filter battles by the different clans.

2 Responses to “Contacts”

  1.   Jim Edmonds Says:

    Hello, I am a practitioner of historic sword fencing (currently that of the 15th century) and for a while have been wanting to look into that of Highland broadsword fencing, now are there any people within the society that practice fencing with the broadsword?

    Cheers Jim Edmonds.

  2.   Colette Ryan Says:

    Good afternoon, my name is Colette Ryan and I work as a Nurse Educator within the Southern DHB. We are hosting a National Nurse Educator forum at Knox College on 17th & 18th November and have a ‘Scottish theme’ for the event.
    I wondered if you had any Scottish memorabilia – tartan, flags, decorative items etc., that we would be able to ‘hire’ or borrow to add the Scottish’ touch to the event. We really want to use the forum as an opportunity to deliver high quality education to our National guests (and International guest speakers), but to also give them a unique Scottish experience, and showcase Dunedin and its Scottish heritage. If you are unable to help, is there any other person or society that you could recommend or suggest? Many thanks for your time, it is much appreciated,


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